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  • Jolena Crowder

Zapwater Communications: Proving Midsize Can Be Mighty

By Jolena Crowder


Heads up! You don’t have to work for a huge agency to make a difference. Meet Chicago-based Zapwater Communications.

Before and especially since 2016, Zapwater has defied the stereotypes of boutique agencies in both international and domestic communications. In 2016, Visit Finland appointed the agency as the U.S. public relations agency of record (AOR). This means that Zapwater is tasked with managing Visit Finland's messaging and travel campaigns in the U.S. – and turns out there are a lot of reasons to visit arguably the happiest country in the world.

Zapwater Clients

Currently, Zapwater provides services for clients in aviation, domestic travel, entertainment and attraction services, international destinations, international and domestic hotels and resorts, hospitality services, consumer companies, fashion, beauty, and retail clients, design and real estate.

With so many industries and sectors in its client roster, it’s no wonder that Zapwater’s effective, creative work continually makes a splash in the industry.

Why Start Small?

If you’re thinking ‘great, but what would a small agency do for me?’ here's what a boutique agency can offer you: Creative freedom and personal satisfaction.

A boutique agency like Zapwater Communications will give you the experience to dig in and do work you might not get to do at large agencies. You’ll work closely and more personally with your employers, clients and co-workers in all areas of the agency, rather than being confined to certain segments. With an organization like Zapwater that does international work, you will even be able to travel to new places.

DePaul University and Columbia College PRSSA Chapters visiting Zapwater Communication's office in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago

Come Hear Us Out

DePaul University and Columbia College Chicago are co-hosting the 2023 PRSSA Midwest District Conference: PR eLevated. On Thursday, March 02, the first day of the conference will include representatives from Zapwater speaking in an educational career session.

As attendees learn about the latest trends and best practices in public relations and social media, Zapwater's presence will serve as a valuable resource for anyone looking to take their strategic communications efforts to the next level. Whether you are an established professional or a first-year student, Zapwater's knowledgeable team will provide the guidance and expertise needed to help you succeed.

Day two of PR eLevated, March 03, will allow students to visit agencies and organizations of different sizes and focus areas, giving attendees a chance to decide for themselves what size feels right as a starting point for their careers. Might I suggest giving the smaller firms a fair shot?


Jolena Crowder is a Public Relations student at Columbia College Chicago. Her interests within PR include, but are certainly not limited to, creative writing, events, and social causes.

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